100 in 1 Day ripples across continents from the bottom-up

Decentralized citizen engagement project offers insights in organizing

If you haven’t heard about 100 in 1 Day yet, chances are you will soon. What started as an experimental project in urban interventionism in Bogotá, Colombia last year is spreading like wildfire — across 14 cities, eight countries and four continents so far. 100 in 1 Day is a decentralized, citizen-driven, co-participatory project that […]

Mobile radio mobilises rural grassroots via cellphones

India’s Radio Sangharsh provides a way to capture villagers’ stories

Imagine living in a remote village in India and having the forest, which is your livelihood, in jeopardy because of large coal companies. How can you get your voice, and your story, shared to people in the urban centers who could make a difference? Greenpeace India has embarked on an exciting project to reach the […]

When mobilisation takes a life of its own

Change.org's Johnny Chatterton says internet-driven campaigning will become global phenomenon

For Change.org’s director of campaign innovation Johnny Chatterton, there is nothing more powerful than a campaign driven by people — especially when it becomes so big an organization can no longer control it. That was the case for Johnny when running one of 38 Degrees’ fastest growing campaigns ever, its Save our Forests campaign in […]

Blurring the boundaries: 4 creative campaigns integrating online-offline

Examples offer best practices to merge digital and on-the ground actions

SANT HILARI SACALM, Spain –  When organizers first started using the Internet for organizing there was a clear line between online and offline actions. We’ve come a long way since then, understanding the need to fuse online and offline interaction into a seamless web of engagement and change. On the second day of Greenpeace’s Digital […]

Is the new organizing friend to friend?

Human Rights Campaign asks supporters to call their social networks for marriage equality

Amicus co-founder and CEO Seth Bannon has been involved in political volunteering for years, but one thing has always frustrated him — the “crappy tech” that quite often is wasting volunteers’ time. Despite new and continually evolving rich social data available on Facebook, campaigns still mostly involve a stranger calling a stranger, and likely when […]

Spark Summit explores potential for volunteer platforms

Event convenes leaders to share challenges, best practices when connecting horizontally

Nabuur.com is a volunteer platform created in 2001 with a belief that in order to bring human ingenuity to bear one needs community. Founded by Siegfried Woldhek, a former director of the Dutch branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the site was designed to link neighbors (online volunteers) with villages (local communities) in Africa, […]

London 2012: “Socialympic” Strategies

Deemed by many fans and journalists as the first social media Olympics, or the “Socialympics,” the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics in London will likely become the most viewed, reblogged, liked, tagged, tweeted, +1ed, and Instagrammed in history. As Alex Huot, International Olympic Committee (IOC) social media head, described to the New York Times, “We are […]

Integrated mobilisation in Spain: Just add data team (VIDEO)

Some of the big obstacles facing most every organization are constituent databases (too many of them and they don’t talk to one another) and departmental silos (that make it tough for staff to both talk and work together). Greenpeace Spain tackled the issues of data and team integration head on and this story shares some […]

Three secrets of integrated campaigns: stories from Argentina

A few weeks back we shared some experiences with radical listening at Greenpeace Argentina. Great! But what’s the shift in thinking that made this possible?Staff asked for feedback on a campaign before launching, received some frank assessments that the message needed work, and changed up their approach and plans as a result. In this case, a people-centered […]