Beautiful Rising’s new toolbox for change

Campaign insights from the Global South in new multi-platform organising guide

Activists and communities in the Global South are on the front lines of campaigns impacting all of us. People from Indonesia to Venezuela and from the Marshall Islands to Congo are fighting for justice, resisting systems of repression and extraction, and building sustainable economies and politics that support self determination. The global campaigning community (if the […]

Go beyond collaboration to build lasting power

Five lessons from Latino communities campaigning for renewable energy in California

—Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš doesn’t view questions of equity, fairness and privilege as hypotheticals. She was often the only person of color in rooms of people working on sustainable fishing issues in southern California. There she was asked to represent large and diverse communities while dealing head on with issues of inequality, privilege and even racism in […]

The and Hollaback! approach to distributed campaigning

Finding the balance between top-down leadership and bottom-up action and Hollaback! are relative newcomers to the world of cause campaigning but have experienced an explosive rise in following and impact since their founding. Their distributed approach to movement building seems to have been a key factor here but unlike other distributed movements that rose quickly and faded just as fast, their growth is […]

How Big is Yours? Fighting for Undersized Fish in Turkey (a Mobilisation Lab Campaign Case Study)

Oceans without fish– a potential reality when young fish are overharvested. This is the story of how a campaign to end overfishing implemented innovative strategies to reach millions of unlikely supporters, turn citizens into activists, and change public policy to protect three threatened fish species. Read the full Case Study now ->  Takeaways Many integrated […]

Three secrets of integrated campaigns: stories from Argentina

A few weeks back we shared some experiences with radical listening at Greenpeace Argentina. Great! But what’s the shift in thinking that made this possible?Staff asked for feedback on a campaign before launching, received some frank assessments that the message needed work, and changed up their approach and plans as a result. In this case, a people-centered […]

Internet goes dark to begin weaving a fabric of mobilisation

You would have to be hiding under a rock to have not noticed that on Wednesday, January 18th, several high traffic websites and countless others went “dark” to protest two bills in the US Congress: SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act). That day, 25 Greenpeace websites worldwide went dark to oppose […]

Global flashmobs to detox sportswear

One more volunteer mobilisation video from Greenpeace to share while we’re on the topic. I think this one’s particularly unique and compelling for (at least) two reasons: 1. Global reach :: As many activisits within the network would attest, there’s something particularly powerful about joining a global day of action — especially one that […]

Volunteers powering Greenpeace wins: video recap

Greenpeace Germany just produced this great video highlighting citizens and activists of all ages taking action to secure major campaign wins over the years — all over the world. Check it out: