Networked NGOs

Networked organizations are orienting their programs, staff, and to plug into networks of citizens and media. Campaign, communications, fundraising, and leadership are transforming in networked NGOs. Here we share stories of progress, success, and stumbling blocks in that transformation.

Fight for $15: Directed-network campaigning in action

A well coordinated campaign is opening up grassroots power and crossing movement boundaries

American unions have been losing members and influence for over 30 years so it’s notable when a labor campaign changes wage policies across the U.S. and forces corporate giants such as Walmart and McDonald’s to bend to its demands. Using directed-network campaigning, the Fight for $15 is shifting power in the direction of America’s workers. The […]

Networking your institution for the Citizen Age

Join us for a special event in Washington, DC, on June 17th

Many organizations struggle to integrate campaigns, communications and digital. Others are trying to understand how to engage, support and work with citizen networks both online and on the ground. If these issues resonate with your organization, join us for a special event in Washington, DC, that we are co-producing with Communicopia: “Networking your Institution for […]

A buzzworthy, bottom-up campaign to save the bees

Greenpeace Switzerland sharing resources, encouraging international campaign

This campaign is the bee’s knees. Which is why Greenpeace Switzerland is sharing resources from its recent save the bees campaign for others to adopt, and raise awareness of the frightening fate of our food pollinators. Dan Schafler, Greenpeace Switzerland’s team leader for fundraising and innovations, says the successful campaign on the global declining state […]

International Volunteering Lab launches in Berlin with new staff team

Meet Greenpeace’s new Volunteering Lab team! The Vol Lab is Greenpeace’s first international team dedicated to supporting and building up our global network of 133 volunteer-coordinators and an estimated 18,000 fabulous volunteers.  And when we say ‘build up’, we mean building the community not only in numbers, but also in leadership, relationships, skills and impact! […]

Greenpeace Spain integrates data and mobilisation to push campaign power to people

Can an advocacy organization redefine itself to not just win campaigns but also empower people to self-organize for a sustainable society at all levels? Greenpeace Spain has been on the path to answering that question. Here’s the story.  In recent years, Greenpeace Spain has been integrating mobilisation and people-powered campaigning into the organization. Explaining this shift, […]

How collaboration made investment treaty a national issue in Canada

‘This has been the most successful campaign we’ve ever run,’ says Leadnow executive director Jamie Biggar

Canada’s government had the power to ratify the Canada-China investment treaty last Friday — but they didn’t — and a massive wave of citizen outrage may be the reason. The proposed treaty called the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) was introduced to parliament only three weeks ago, with the majority Conservative government […]

Record-breaking street team recruitment in Chile: teamwork trumps departments

Staff, volunteers, and unknown external campaigners in Chile came together in unprecedented ways to recruit over 104,000 people from the street to help protect the Arctic — far exceeding the results of Greenpeace volunteer teams in other offices around the world. We aren’t certain that everyone received a polar bear hug like the one pictured […]

Integrated teams in action: Stories from Argentina (VIDEO)

Last February, we wrote about how integrated campaign teams and shifting to a campaign-first structure have helped Greenpeace Argentina run people-oriented mobilisation campaigns. For many, this may seem like a big structural shift with unclear value. We also spoke with Greenpeace Argentina’s Martin Thinghitella and Hernan Nadal (responsible for fundraising and mobilisation, respectively). Martin and […]

How Greenpeace France got 13,000 to thank nuclear activists online and offline (VIDEO)

Takeaways Keep supporter momentum alive by  identifying tangible ways for people to contribute to the effort throughout the campaign. Manifest online actions in the physical world or during an offline action to help display tangible results to online participants. Campaign teams working together across departments to share goals and plans can open up new opportunities […]