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Resources for creating and running people-powered campaigns

Research, reports and other resources for mobilisation leaders and citizen activists around the globe.

The Mobilisation Cookbook

Download the Mobilisation CookbookPeople powered movements are transforming the world—and our work. The Mobilisation Cookbook is a Greenpeace guide to cooking up, running and scaling people-powered campaigns. In the Cookbook you’ll find:

  • Six “key ingredients” of people powered campaigns.
  • “Recipes” and case studies of people powered Greenpeace campaigns.
  • Five approaches Greenpeace teams and offices are using to become more engagement-centric.
  • Eight examples of volunteering at Greenpeace that reflect the diverse talents and skillsets of 25,000+ change agents around the world.
  • Open Campaign strategies and tactics for attracting new people, building and sharing power, and creating stronger, long-lasting campaigns.

The Mobilisation Cookbook includes more examples, resources and stories of people-powered campaigning from Greenpeace and its allies.

How Mod is Your Mob?

How Mod is Your Mob?Addressing the scale of the problems we face—before it’s too late—means running campaigns that tackle the root causes of environmental destruction. We see many victories around the world but it isn’t enough. The need to win bigger has been a driving force behind much organisational change at Greenpeace.

Want to build high performing mobilisation teams and strong engagement cultures in order to win bigger? We created the Mod Mob checklist and survey to help you and your teams identify gaps and surface areas for mobilisation growth. Review the checklist and take the survey.

10 Ways People Power Can Change the World

10 Ways People Power Can Change the World - Mobilisation ToolsPeople Power can take many forms depending on what kind of change you’re looking to achieve and who has the power to make that change happen — whether it’s a government, company, community or individual.

We created this list of way people power changes the world in hopes that it will help you define your strategy and generate ideas for tactics to harness this powerful force for good.

Beyond Vanity Metrics: Toward better measurement of membership campaigns

Beyond Vanity Metrics - Metrics and moblisation toolsCampaigns often rely on “vanity metrics” such as list size or pageviews to evaluate impact. These measurements may appear big and impressive but be misleading. Ultimately, they can lead to flawed decisions that doom membership-driven organizations.

What are the pitfalls of “vanity metrics”? Why do we rely on them? What are some alternatives? In short, are there better ways to measure how engaged members are with your organization?

These are just a handful of the questions tackled in the new report, Beyond Vanity Metrics: Toward a Better Measurement of Member Engagement, presented by Citizen Engagement Lab and the Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace.

The Anatomy of People Powered Campaigns

The Anatomy of People-Powered Campaigns - Mobilisation ToolsExceptional campaigns do more than tell a compelling story. They value every individual’s unique potential to achieve something greater than they ever could on their own, and they build collective power in the process. These campaigns give people the information they need to inspire others and react quickly to changing times, to avoid obstacles and seize opportunities. Our Anatomy of People Powered Campaigns identifies four key elements of exceptional campaigns.

Grassroots-Led Campaigns Transforming the Landscape of Social Change

Grassroots-Led Campaigns ReportSuddenly, grassroots-led campaign platforms are everywhere. Ever since the spectacular growth of in 2011, people are starting petitions and running their own campaigns like never before — saving hospitals, stopping industrial dumping, and creating real change in their communities.

What is the real impact of all these campaigns? What does it mean for the future of social change? What lessons can we learn about how to be successful? We asked the minds behind the biggest grassroots-led campaign platforms these questions, and more. Get the Report.

Six Elements of Open Campaigns

Six elements of Open CampaignsOpening up your campaign or strategy development for wider participation and ownership can develop more powerful approaches and scale up people power in big ways. There is no one way to create or even define an open campaign but participants at Open Campaigns Camp worked together to identify six key elements of open campaigns.

The Engagement Pyramid

The Engagement Pyramid is a framework for mapping levels of involvement in a campaign or organisation. The pyramid is designed to help us think holistically about the range of engagement strategies and tactics at our disposal. It also provides a framework for matching engagement opportunities with those constituents most likely to carry them out.

Download an Engagement Pyramid worksheet.

Four Magic Steps to Creating Shareable, Purpose-Driven Social Media Content

Creating shareable social contentOrganizations are getting better and better at generating steady streams of topical, relevant content for their campaigns and initiatives. But many struggle to communicate in ways that take advantage of one thing that makes the internet such a powerful medium – sharing.

With input from some of the world’s leading social media practitioners, we’ve developed this guide to help digital campaigners and practitioners apply tried-and-true methods of making social media content that actually spreads.

Mobilisation ToolkitMobilisation Integration Toolkit

We worked with global Greenpeace offices to find out more about the tools and mechanisms they use to ensure that smooth, effective campaign integration is happening among their teams. The Toolkit surfaces and explains successful practices or “bright spots”, and highlights ongoing experiments in team integration. Explore the Mobilisation Integration Toolkit.

Campaign Tool Test Reports

We’re crash testing new and innovative digital campaign tools around the globe. Hear what we’re finding and share your own tips and test results.