Mobilisation Insights

What's working (or not) in mobilisation and why? Our Mobilisation Insights take a look at how campaigners are using data, email, mobile, social media and other tools to meet their strategic goals.

A Big Organizing guide to 2017 and beyond

Reviewing Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything

A warning to those living in open and privileged societies and working in well-funded top-down advocacy institutions: This book may cause intense feelings of inadequacy and a burning desire to innovate. Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything Becky Bond and Zack Exley November 18, 2016 Chelsea Green Publishing 224 pages Rules for […]

Organising a people’s movement to #BuyTwitter

Is the future of social media cooperative?

The #WeAreTwitter Organizing Collective is an open, volunteer-run group campaigning to #BuyTwitter (yes, buy Twitter) and turn it into a user-owned cooperative. The campaign is a big and bold idea. It’s also a distributed campaign with the potential to transform online power at a critical moment. An alternative coop ownership model may reposition social media […]

Beyond the First Click: How Today’s Volunteers Build Power for Movements and NGOs

Beyond the First Click examines innovative volunteer engagement work by 35 organisations empowering people to scale change and win by learning and doing more. If movements and organizations invest in and cultivate supporters who are doing substantial and meaningful work, then does their reach, impact and odds of success increase? That’s the question we set […]

CampaignCon 2016: We are here to change the world

Recapping the global activism and technology skill share

An unprecedented mix of campaigners and activists gathered for CampaignCon last week. We shared expertise, built network strength, and grew the capacity of our campaigns to win at every level. We had a unique opportunity to learn. Campaigning is complex, emotionally draining work. That’s more true now than ever. Every day we face decisions about engaging and mobilising people in fast-changing (and often […]

CampaignCon 2016 is underway

A global activism and technology skillshare

Over 120 campaigners from 45 countries around the globe have gathered in Catalonia for a sector-wide skills-share on next generation campaigning. We’re talking about mobilisation in a world of shrinking civic space, digital security, how to scale campaigns and launch movements, and talking about new campaigns and mobilisation technologies. There are, of course, many post-it […]

Do better + win bigger by taking on marginalisation

A changemaker's guide to cultures that work for all

Culture, gender, race and other differences can contribute to marginalisation of campaign team staff. This impacts the ability of people to build trust, work together and implement winning strategies. Marginalisation isn’t just bad for people and teams – it’s bad for our work. We wanted to learn more and asked Kaytee Ray-Riek, a campaigner and […]

Beautiful Rising’s new toolbox for change

Campaign insights from the Global South in new multi-platform organising guide

Activists and communities in the Global South are on the front lines of campaigns impacting all of us. People from Indonesia to Venezuela and from the Marshall Islands to Congo are fighting for justice, resisting systems of repression and extraction, and building sustainable economies and politics that support self determination. The global campaigning community (if the […]

Four lessons on NGOs and social movements finding common ground

Energy campaigners share their learnings on collaboration and building community power

Greenpeace energy campaigners recently came together to share experiences working with social movements. They identified four lessons for NGOs and social movements looking to find common ground. Communities battling climate change impacts are often up against pervasive obstacles of inequality, poverty and power. They’re also striving for the agency needed to equal the fossil fuel industry’s political influence. People at […]

Surviving (and winning) when national politics shift

What Greenpeace Spain learned about working with people, politics and movements in a changing nation

Something big was brewing in Spain. By late 2014, years of economic challenges and ineffective national politics had pushed new movements into power. All signs pointed at unprecedented changes in the country’s political landscape in the 2015 regional and national election. It was an opportunity for Greenpeace Spain to reorient itself and work with the public on broader […]