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Product teams: The next wave of digital for NGOs?

The era of the re-launch is over. How orgs can apply "product" principles to continually deliver the best technology.

We’ve reached a fascinating point in the evolution of technology within nonprofit and social change organisations: everyone we work with at Greenpeace and beyond seems to agree that digital has a critical role to play, but many struggle to find the staffing models and structures that enable their technology to truly thrive. So we asked […]

Learn how 3 years of Big Listening (and testing) may change your campaigning

A MobLab interview with Upwell's Rachel Weidinger

The crew of innovative campaigners and online strategists at Upwell, led by a core team of Rachel Weidinger, Ray Dearborn and Matt Fitzgerald have done their best to change how campaigns listen to, use and test online campaigning since 2012. Their non-traditional mission was perhaps best exemplified by their client: the Ocean. Upwell intended to engage a […]

How to run a campaign Hackathon

Real talk about building lasting relationships with the developer community

Can you track vessels in open sea when they switch off their tracking system? What do they do when they don’t want to be found? How can people actively take part in our actions from their computer? That’s the opening of an invitation to designers, developers and other technologists asking them to participate in the […]

Online product reviews a growing frontier for corporate campaigning

RAN and SumOfUs take on PepsiCo's palm oil practices in an Amazon product page

There are plenty of hurdles when campaigning to get large multinational corporations to change environmentally damaging practices. For palm oil campaigners, those obstacles include complexity and relevance. Dozens of players – corporations, local and national governments, NGOs, and intergovernmental – are involved in creating, managing and regulating production and supply. And palm oil forests are […]

Five ways campaigns can break through with pop culture

American right-wing political agitator and and news pundit Glenn Beck earns an estimated $90 million a year running a media empire aimed at using pop culture to shift cultural values (and political outcomes). Beck has three movies in development, an online TV network with 300,000 paid subscribers, an online news portal with over 25 million […]

New supporter-centric outreach model puts people first

Greenpeace Canada's First Engagement street teams meeting more people (and raising more money)

Greenpeace Canada has embarked on an innovative, supporter-centric street team model. “First Engagement” puts people first and sees improved supporter and fundraising numbers.

Open map project breaks mold and brings new people to campaigning

Initiative from Climate Change Coders and Friends of the Earth has global potential

Large and long-established organisations are often hesitant to release control and actively support distributed organising projects. In one example that breaks the mold, Friends of the Earth (FoE) and Climate Change Coders (CCCoders) have partnered on a new data-driven, open-source mapping project. The goal is to get campaigners from the UK (and beyond) to use freely available mapping code to […]

Upwell’s Campaign Lab Director listens, networks and advances Team Ocean

Meme Slinger Profile: Rachel Dearborn

Activist, organiser and writer Joe Solomon talks with ‘Meme Slingers’ – interviews with the designers and storytellers who lift up and connect environmental and social justice movements. Today, Joe talks with Rachel Dearborn, a story-booster and network weaver extraordinaire within the ocean advocacy movement (and Campaign Lab Director at Upwell).

Changing Trends: New Power, Neuro-Campaigning and Leaderless Movements

New Report: Four Key Trends for Campaigners to Watch

A new study from Save The Children suggests four new trends on campaigning.