The Mobilisation
Integration Toolkit

Tools that help teams work together better, so they can win bigger.

A few months ago, we set out to unearth the tools and tactics being used by Greenpeace staff to develop successful mobilisation strategies and people-powered campaigns. But we soon discovered that people in multiple offices were wondering the same thing:

In order to win big we need to ensure the teams within an office are working seamlessly together. What are the tools we can use to make sure that happens?

As it turns out, many Greenpeace offices are experimenting with tools and mechanisms to ensure that smooth, effective integration is happening among their teams.

We partnered with Daniel Atwood and Sam Dorman -- experienced consultants in this field -- to help surface successful practices or "bright spots", and develop this toolkit, highlighting ongoing experiments in team integration. You can explore these tools in two ways:

  • By trait: We found six common "Traits", or best practices, that promote strong mobilisation integration.
  • By Country or Region: You can also view a report of several tools at work within a specific national or regional office (NRO).

The NRO's we spoke with are all heavily invested in different forms of mobilisation integration, but they emphasized that many of these tools are highly experimental. They're sharing them here so that we can all build on one another's efforts to do more effective campaigning and win bigger victories -- not just for Greenpeace but also our allies and partners.

We envision this toolkit as a living resource, where new tools can continue to be added as people continue to experiment and innovate and as we learn from other offices and teams. Please add your comments as you test and adapt, and let us know about additional tools that should be here as you make your own discoveries.

Michael Silberman
Global Director, Digital Mobilisation Lab
February 2013

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