Exploring the Edge

In Exploring the Edge we look at some of the most innovative strategies attempted by campaigners and mobilisation staff. We examine the tests help sift through what works, what doesn't, and why. Looking for something new? This is where you'll find it.

CampaignCon 2016: We are here to change the world

Recapping the global activism and technology skill share

An unprecedented mix of campaigners and activists gathered for CampaignCon last week. We shared expertise, built network strength, and grew the capacity of our campaigns to win at every level. We had a unique opportunity to learn. Campaigning is complex, emotionally draining work. That’s more true now than ever. Every day we face decisions about engaging and mobilising people in fast-changing (and often […]

What’s on the mind of global campaigners?

CampaignCon participants share needs and questions about leading change and building power

Over 120 campaigners from 43 countries came together at CampaignCon last week to share expertise, build network strength and grow the capacity of campaigns at all levels – local to global – to take on the big complex problems we’re facing in fast-changing world. The gathering provided a unique opportunity to talk to diverse campaigners from every continent […]

Mapping an end to fires in Indonesia with Kepo Hutan

New map tools help communities, companies and governments

Unofficial and unreliable land ownership maps make it hard to hold a person, company or government entity responsible for environmental abuse. In 2015, fires across Indonesia created what some called the worst single man-made climate event in human history, emitting as much CO2 as Germany does in a single year while charring 2.5 million hectares of […]

Virtual reality gets real in latest campaigns

Learning from the frontlines of VR at Greenpeace and beyond

Since the first mission to remote Amchitka, Alaska, in 1971, Greenpeace has heightened awareness by pushing the boundaries of reporting. Storytelling – and bringing people into the conversation about what’s at stake – is always evolving as technologies, cultural sensitivities, and the problems themselves shift. This summer, in keeping with this evolution and tradition of experimentation, […]

Beautiful Rising’s new toolbox for change

Campaign insights from the Global South in new multi-platform organising guide

Activists and communities in the Global South are on the front lines of campaigns impacting all of us. People from Indonesia to Venezuela and from the Marshall Islands to Congo are fighting for justice, resisting systems of repression and extraction, and building sustainable economies and politics that support self determination. The global campaigning community (if the […]

Incubators for change: How NGOs are developing apps and tech tools

Innovation in tech development can empower people and organisations

Mobile technology is proving to be a transformative force. Around the globe, campaigners, NGOs and individual activists are using mobile to connect new people to campaigns and empower them with immediate access to communications, data, and networks of other change makers. Despite this potential, the social change world is littered with failed apps and technology tools. […]

What’s new in mobilisation technology?

An inside look at the latest digital activism apps and tools

Back in 2014, we provided first-hand feedback on several new mobilisation technology and campaigning tools deployed across the global Greenpeace community. We’re continually talking to and working with campaigners around the globe and want a place to keep tabs on  – and share – what we’re seeing and learning about the latest mobilisation technology tools and apps. Can you […]

How people powered digital tools are helping rebuild worker power

New apps and platforms moving beyond petitions to teach organizing and shift workplace culture

Workplace fragmentation and the changing role of unions in the United States means far fewer workers are as directly exposed to political organizing as they were just one or two generations ago. It’s a situation seen in many parts of the world but workplace-focused digital advocacy and communication tools are enabling new forms of decentralized people […]

Stay safe out there: Threat modeling for campaigners

A guide to evaluating risks and knowing what to worry about

For his day job, Norman Shamas is the director of curriculum and pedagogy at an organization that helps people better use and understand technology. In his off-hours, he’s a rabble-rouser. Based in Washington D.C., Shamas was an active organizer of the Michael Brown protests that confronted police violence. He and his colleagues organized the protests […]