Digital Mobilisation Skillshare

The Digital Mobilisation Skillshare began in 2012 as a gathering to give the Greenpeace mobilisation community opportunity to share knowledge and experiences while strengthening working relationships. The event recognizes people doing good work and creates space for innovation, creative collaboration, and maybe even some fun.

Five principles of live streaming learned the hard way

Practical lessons from Greenpeace UK’s #iceclimb direct action

At February’s Digital Mobilisation Skillshare, Pete Speller and Nic Seton of Greenpeace UK shared tips and experience from the highly successful #iceclimb action. Over 200,000 people joined the live video stream to watch six women climb The Shard, western Europe’s highest building to protest at Shell’s plans to drill for oil in the Arctic. Pete […]

Use tension and uncertainty to engage through live video streaming

Pre-publicising direct action in Argentina and streaming an action in progress in the UK

At February’s Digital Mobilisation Skillshare, Mariana Diaz Vaccaro of Greenpeace Argentina and Nic Seton and Pete Speller of Greenpeace UK shared experience with two projects that used live streamed video to good effect. Both actions made the most of good storytelling practice to draw in and retain an audience by posing a question to which […]

Nimble campaigning: How responding to the news cycle pays off

Western Australia shark cull campaign gets global reach through flexible and responsive action

Are you listening carefully enough? Recognising the passionate feelings provoked by Western Australia’s state government plan to cull sharks, and acting quickly, meant campaigners were able to channel public outrage about the policy and put the issue in front of a global audience. It’s a great example of how important wide eyes and open ears […]

Spark innovation with data

How measurement and tracking fosters creativity at Greenpeace Nordic

Tracking and data might sound like dry topics to some, but introducing and improving tracking and measurement across digital activities have been important drivers for experimentation in Greenpeace Nordic’s digital team. Michael Parker, Digital Intelligence Officer at Greenpeace Nordic, says that changing their use of data “…enabled people to be more creative and conceptual. Tracking […]

Recruitment success through Google Ads

A consistent user journey boosts effectiveness of online advertising

Jon Garciandia of Greenpeace Spain and Iola Abas of Greenpeace South East Asia facilitated a session at the 2014 Digital Mobilisation Skillshare to share how digital teams in Spain and Indonesia are engaging new audiences through online advertising. Showcasing recent work, they explained the importance of creating a consistent user experience to make the most of […]

Top five tips for actions that mobilise online

Lessons from Shard climbing, space jumping, the Arctic 30 campaign and more

Here at Greenpeace we have a long tradition of organizing non-violent direct actions that generate attention for issues. These actions are designed to inspire others to act in meaningful ways in their community and, increasingly, online. A group of digital campaigners from around the globe gathered at this year’s Greenpeace Digital Mobilisation Skillshare to share […]

Crowdfunding for mobilisation

Recruiting active campaigners via microdonations in Poland and crowdfunding TV spots in Switzerland

At this year’s Digital Mobilisation Skillshare Steff Kerkhof of Greenpeace Switzerland and Bohdan Pekacki of Greenpeace Poland shared examples of how they are using the mechanics of crowdfunding to powerful effect. Crowdfunding is a new name for an age-old activity – asking people for money to help you get something done. Whether you’re collecting money […]

Digital storytelling lessons from the campaign to free the Arctic 30

12 key characteristics of effective online storytelling

The human desire to connect with stories has not changed at all, but technology has. We don’t need to wait for the media anymore — we can reach more people online. The power has shifted. Nic Seton of Greenpeace UK facilitated a session at the Digital Mobilisation Skillshare to share learning from the online campaign […]

Creating space for grassroots action stops nuclear power, drilling and saves forests

Three ways that a big organisation can support and enable grassroots-led action

Anna Keenan of the Volunteering Lab facilitated a session at last week’s Digital Mobilisation Skillshare to look at different ways that Greenpeace staff have supported volunteer-led campaigning and community action, and the kind of help those campaigns need to thrive. See below for summaries of three of the examples participants talked about in the session, and read the […]