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Vanessa Van Donselaar


Vanessa works from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as the Vol Lab Director

Optimist, adventurer, idealist, creative-type and a bit of a nerd. Vanessa joined the Vol Lab as the Network Developer for the Europe and Africa region in 2013. She cocreated longterm strategies, trained and coached staff with many Greenpeace offices and global campaigns. She  has a passion for online communities and tools integrating the online and offline world. A keen problem solver, creating strategies and structures for networks of people.

In the past Vanessa has worked for Greenpeace Netherlands strategizing, designing and pioneering the online community Greenwire. And she has organised and built up networks for other big NGO’s including Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth and Oxfam. Vanessa is an activist and believes we should never give up striving for our goals.

Her favourite places in the world tend to be where the mountains meet the sea. When not working, Vanessa can be found spending time with her friends, playing (computer) games, travelling and trying new things. She also loves coffee.

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Raquel Muñoz


Raquel joined the organization as participant in the Greenpeace summer camps in Spain fifteen years ago. 5 years after she join the local group of Barcelona working in the education project, coordinating the volunteers group and being part of the action team. Three years after she joined as staff and had been working as youth action network coordinator for two years, working with a network of 100 youth people, designing activities and projects.  This positions change and become Volunteer Coordinator, empowering people and the working on the capacity building of the volunteers.

People power will lead and change the world and Greenpeace has a crucial rol in this process. She love travel and spend time with her family and friends, in their natal village, Benissa, in the mediterranean cost in Spain or in her adoptive town in the mountains of Madrid.

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Rebecca van Scheijndel

20150310_12_1Rebecca joined the Volunteering Lab early 2015 as one of the offline mobilisation developers where she will continue the Vol Lab’s work of building a strong community of offline mobilisation specialists for Greenpeace.

In the past she worked for Greenpeace Netherlands where she was the offline mobilisation specialist for the Polar and Climate & Energy campaign. She successfully developed engaging and people-centered activities, and was always encouraging volunteers to set up their own projects. During her time at Greenpeace Netherlands, Rebecca has also specialized in online communities. She was involved in developing the international Greenwire and managed the Dutch community for several years. She truly believes that everyone has it in them to make the world around them a little better in their own way.

Rebecca is based in Amsterdam, but is always eager to explore new places, cultures and meet new people. She loves being outdoors, sports, the beach, snow, and especially being in the sun (which is way too rare in Amsterdam). During the summers you could often find her at festivals; dancing, camping, and saving polar bears (or dehydrated volunteers in polar bear suits).

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Paula Collet

foto (6) (1)In Greenpeace since 2013, first as the Brazilian Offline Mobilization Coordinator – building strategies for offline activities in campaigns and creating online tactics to mobilize people to go offline. Now as part of the Vol Lab team working with volunteers coordinators community to create a people power movement. Paula is also a climate change activist, and before joining Greenpeace she worked in as country and global co-coordinator, supporting a Brazil climate network by leading some global days of actions, attending and facilitating lot of meetings and tons of fun and creative activities.

A true believer that people united with a pinch of creativity will achieve the changes we seek for the world. That is why she is also part of the Sexify movement, a global movement to make advocacy and activism fun, joyful and downright sexy – engaging people’s hearts and souls, not only their minds, and breaking the boredom and clichés into which governments, NGOs, and social movements usually fall. Ask around and you will see how many we are…

Paula can lose a friend but will never lose a joke. Don‘t worry: she won’t play with you until she thinks it’s safe. And that’s because she is Scorpion, ascendant Taurus and moon in Capricorn. Besides signs she likes to discover good music, good food, different places and (as a good offliner) to be surrounded by people. Clearly: not someone hard to please.

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