Mobilisation Community

The Mobilisation Community is a far-reaching group of people of mobilisation at Greenpeace and allied organizations around the globe. These are their stories.

CampaignCon 2016: We are here to change the world

Recapping the global activism and technology skill share

An unprecedented mix of campaigners and activists gathered for CampaignCon last week. We shared expertise, built network strength, and grew the capacity of our campaigns to win at every level. We had a unique opportunity to learn. Campaigning is complex, emotionally draining work. That’s more true now than ever. Every day we face decisions about engaging and mobilising people in fast-changing (and often […]

Campaign Accelerator: a design thinking approach to campaign planning

What we learned from six months of pilots and testing

We’ve seen a growing recognition across global Greenpeace and allied organisations that campaigners need a more efficient and inclusive process for campaign planning and design – one that focuses on helping people build power, supports innovation and testing, and is responsive to rapidly changing landscapes. That’s why we developed the five day Campaign Accelerator – […]

5 ways campaigning organisations are getting real about people power

How experimentation, collective identity, and layer cakes are boosting member engagement

What does people power really look like in the day to day work of building and running campaigns? I had the privilege of exploring how several winning campaigners are engaging people and building power last month at Blueprint for a Great Democracy, hosted by Common Cause: Greisa Martinez (Advocacy Director at United We Dream Network), Ruth Martin (Senior Campaign Director […]

MobLab’s Top Stories of 2015

How transformations in people power, open campaigns, mobile and security are changing global campaigning

The past year will be remembered for people-powered movements that changed the nature of the climate debate, economic and racial justice, and conservation issues around the globe. Tens of thousands of people joined leaders in Paris at COP21 to demand action on climate change. People took to streets, bridges and kayaks to tell the world […]

How Mod is Your Mob?

How can we build high performing mobilisation teams and strong engagement cultures in our offices to win bigger? We created a checklist to help leaders and practitioners at Greenpeace tackle this question and we thought it might also be useful to you. Use this list with colleagues, campaign and leadership teams to identify gaps in mobilisation strategies, surface […]

3 elements of strong open campaigns

Key takeaways from Open Campaigns Camp 2015

Colin Holtz is a progressive writer and strategist who has authored several reports and articles for Mobilisation Lab, including Beyond Vanity Metrics: Toward better measurement of member engagement and “Grassroots-led Campaigns” Transforming the Landscape of Social Change. Colin joined us for Open Campaigns Camp 2015 and had these insights to share on open campaigning.  What do […]

Open Campaigns Camp goes live

80 global campaigners training and learning from each other

What happens when you bring 80 campaigners from around the globe together for three days to learn from each other about technology-enabled open campaigning? That’s what we’re finding out right now at Open Campaigns Camp in Berlin. Along with our colleagues from the Volunteering Lab and Aspiration Technology we are teaching one another about the experiences, skills and tools we […]

How to run a campaign Hackathon

Real talk about building lasting relationships with the developer community

Can you track vessels in open sea when they switch off their tracking system? What do they do when they don’t want to be found? How can people actively take part in our actions from their computer? That’s the opening of an invitation to designers, developers and other technologists asking them to participate in the […]

New global online network is powering grassroots-led campaigns

Greenpeace Greenwire is connecting a growing activist community

Greenpeace Greenwire, a community platform and social network is – slowly and subtly, but surely – changing the way Greenpeace activism works around the globe. Countries with live Greenwire hubs include the United States, India, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Another 14 hubs are on schedule to go live by mid-2015 – Indonesia, Thailand, Brasil, and Canada among them – with more to follow.

So far, Greenwire has delivered on its promise to make activism with Greenpeace more grassroots. Greenpeace Greenwire allows volunteers to more easily sign up with Greenpeace, facilitates data collection, provides a Greenpeace presence in cities that don’t have Greenpeace staff, and frees up time for hired employees to focus on community-building instead of administration. It has also helped campaign staff and street fundraising teams better connect to the grassroots.

Greenwire hasn’t been without it’s struggles, also, and we dive into what’s been learned as the network has expanded and been more involved in campaigns this year.