Citizens Lead

The Mobilisation Lab exists to advance and test citizen-powered change around the globe. Citizens Lead stories share learning about how activists, volunteers, citizens and organizations are proactively collaborating.

A Big Organizing guide to 2017 and beyond

Reviewing Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything

A warning to those living in open and privileged societies and working in well-funded top-down advocacy institutions: This book may cause intense feelings of inadequacy and a burning desire to innovate. Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything Becky Bond and Zack Exley November 18, 2016 Chelsea Green Publishing 224 pages Rules for […]

Fight for $15: Directed-network campaigning in action

A well coordinated campaign is opening up grassroots power and crossing movement boundaries

American unions have been losing members and influence for over 30 years so it’s notable when a labor campaign changes wage policies across the U.S. and forces corporate giants such as Walmart and McDonald’s to bend to its demands. Using directed-network campaigning, the Fight for $15 is shifting power in the direction of America’s workers. The […]

An open (and open source) campaign takes on Facebook

How a handful of people grew to millions fighting for Net Neutrality in India

Across India, concerns about net neutrality and the future of the Internet arose even before Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, began an intense marketing campaign in 2015 in support the company’s Free Basics program. A self-organized group of Indian volunteers from diverse academic, civil society, and professional backgrounds used open source software and open campaign principles […]

Democratising direct action

How Greenpeace is testing an open, highly networked approach to NVDA

When the stakes are high, the need for courage is critically important. In this battle, we will need a billion acts of courage to win. – Kumi Naidoo, former Executive Director of Greenpeace International On 4 February, 2016, over 5,000 people took to the streets of Auckland, New Zealand, in a direct action protesting the government’s […]

Go beyond collaboration to build lasting power

Five lessons from Latino communities campaigning for renewable energy in California

—Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš Marce Gutiérrez-Graudiņš doesn’t view questions of equity, fairness and privilege as hypotheticals. She was often the only person of color in rooms of people working on sustainable fishing issues in southern California. There she was asked to represent large and diverse communities while dealing head on with issues of inequality, privilege and even racism in […]

Blooming digital democracy in Taiwan’s Sunflower movement

How technologists and activists are working together to mobilise a nation

Taiwan has in recent years experienced some of the world’s most dramatic protests. The Sunflower Movement, a youth-driven but cross-sectoral coalition famously occupied the Taiwanese Parliament for more than three weeks as it fought against a controversial trade deal that they felt would impinge on Taiwanese sovereignty. Software, social media and other rapidly evolving technologies […]

How people powered digital tools are helping rebuild worker power

New apps and platforms moving beyond petitions to teach organizing and shift workplace culture

Workplace fragmentation and the changing role of unions in the United States means far fewer workers are as directly exposed to political organizing as they were just one or two generations ago. It’s a situation seen in many parts of the world but workplace-focused digital advocacy and communication tools are enabling new forms of decentralized people […]

MobLab’s Top Stories of 2015

How transformations in people power, open campaigns, mobile and security are changing global campaigning

The past year will be remembered for people-powered movements that changed the nature of the climate debate, economic and racial justice, and conservation issues around the globe. Tens of thousands of people joined leaders in Paris at COP21 to demand action on climate change. People took to streets, bridges and kayaks to tell the world […]

Ten ways people power can change the world

What do we mean by people power? People Power can take many forms depending on what kind of change you’re looking to achieve and who has the power to make that change happen — whether it’s a government, company, community or individual. So we’ve come up with this list. We’re hoping that it will help […]