Global Activism & Technology Skillshare

With the tools of change in the palm of their hands, people everywhere are making their voices heard and building power by connecting to networks of activists, organisations and volunteers.

What does it all mean, and how can we work together to empower more people to win bigger on the critical issues impacting all of us? How can we stay at the cutting-edge of campaigning and social change?

What happened at CampaignCon?

An unprecedented mix of campaigning orgs and activist groups came together in October, 2016, for a global, sector-wide skills-share on next generation campaigning. We shared expertise, built networks and capacity, learned from one another, and developed plans and strategies needed to take technology-supported networked campaigning to the next level.

Check out our CampaignCon recap story and video.

Visit the CampaignCon page on Storify to view updates from the event as it was happening.

Participants will share expertise and build network strength and capacity among global campaigns, regional and national NGOs. It's a space to compare and co-develop campaign strategies, skills, tools and tactics. Together, we will:

  • Strengthen our campaigning network
  • Develop leadership
  • Plan campaigns and provide feedback
  • Raise the bar so we win bigger
  • Organisers, activists and leaders working at the intersection of advocacy, social change, public policy and campaigning.
  • Campaigners willing to contribute and share experiences as much as learn from others.
  • Anyone thinking about the potential of people + technology to scale social change. Participants will range across and/or work in many disciplines: digital, design, fundraising, communications, mobilisation, volunteer organising, data/info management, digital and operational security, and more.

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Travel Considerations

Participants should plan to arrive at Vilar Rural San Hilari in time for dinner on Monday, 24 Oct. Please note that it takes 1h 45min to reach the venue, which is not reachable by regular transportation. CampaignCon is organizing shuttles from/to Barcelona airport/Barcelona center city.

On 24 Oct we will have several buses taking people to Vilar Rural San Hilari from Barcelona.

On 27 Oct we will finish at lunch time. Shuttles will take participants back to the Barcelona airport and city center.

To book your flight/train ticket, please follow these guidelines:
Oct 24 - arrival to Barcelona before 17h00
Oct 27- departure from Barcelona after 17h30

You will receive an email the week of 17 October with details.

Event schedule

We​'ll​ start each day of the ​event at ​09:00​ with opening plenary, and then move to morning sessions.

Lunch will be from ​approximately 12​:00 to​​13:00​​​​ each day followed by a free hour. You’re welcome to use this hour for side meetings, downtime or join an optional group activity such as a hike.

Sessions will start again at ​14:00, and run to ​18:00​, when we will all head to dinner. There will be social events in the evening, from board games to dancing.

Conveners and Hosts

Event Location

Vilar Rural de Sant Hilari

GI-541, Km9
17403 Sant Hilari, Girona
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