5 ways campaigning organisations are getting real about people power

How experimentation, collective identity, and layer cakes are boosting member engagement

What does people power really look like in the day to day work of building and running campaigns? I had the privilege of exploring how several winning campaigners are engaging people and building power last month at Blueprint for a Great Democracy, hosted by Common Cause: Greisa Martinez (Advocacy Director at United We Dream Network), Ruth Martin (Senior Campaign Director […]

Product teams: The next wave of digital for NGOs?

The era of the re-launch is over. How orgs can apply "product" principles to continually deliver the best technology.

We’ve reached a fascinating point in the evolution of technology within nonprofit and social change organisations: everyone we work with at Greenpeace and beyond seems to agree that digital has a critical role to play, but many struggle to find the staffing models and structures that enable their technology to truly thrive. So we asked […]

What “new power” means for campaigners

Our take on an important new study of how power works today

From Tahrir Square to Ferguson, from Hong Kong to Istanbul, it’s no secret that powerful protests are rapidly scaling up and drawing strength from increasingly connected populations locally and globally. As we’ve tracked here before, the barriers to entry for social impact are getting lower each day. As the supercomputers in our pockets become more affordable […]

The Mobilisation Reader: 12 Must Reads

Understanding the arts and sciences of people-powered campaigning in the networked age.

If you could give 130 digital campaigners and emerging mobilization pros from every part of the world a single “must read” book or article to read to deepen their knowledge and expand their horizons of participatory, net-centric, people-powered campaigning, what would it be? We scanned our bookmarks. We talked to colleagues, friends and other practitioners, […]

Three trending innovations in mobilisation, from Greenpeace and its allies

Co-authored by Marianne Manilov and Bron York. Earlier this year, The Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace partnered with The Engage Network to embark on a 4 month community-wide listening to collect “bright spots” or positive trends and stories in Greenpeace’s global mobilisation efforts — and to surface innovations in people-powered campaigning that can help Greenpeace and […]

Campaigners in China: social media plays critical role in social action (VIDEO)

For being the world’s most populous and fastest growing economy, it’s astonishing how little the rest of the world seems to know about How Things Work in China. That’s just one of the reasons why I was so enthusiastic about visiting China for the first time. China represents, in many ways, ground zero for our […]

Innovations in Mobilisation presentations, conversations taking place across global Greenpeace

Quick update here on a major project, Innovations in Mobilisation, that we’ve been working on for the better part of this year in partnership with The Engage Network. The goal was to collect “bright spots” or positive trends and stories in Greenpeace’s global mobilisation efforts — and to surface innovations in mobilisation that will help Greenpeace and its […]

The Power and Responsibility of Social Influence Data

Did you realize that a Klout score of 40 or more will get you into a Cathay Pacific’s first class lounge at San Francisco International Airport? You don’t even need to be flying on a Cathay ticket. Or how about a free upgrade at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas? If Klout’s algorithm reveals that […]

Your location could save the world

If you need a shock-therapy reminder of the accelerated pace of change around us these days, attending a conference on mobile, mapping, and location-based technologies would be a great place to start. Here’s what I see coming for campaigners after a few days at the O’Reilly Where Conference. 1. Death of the “check-in” gives way to […]