Anatomy of a Campaign

What makes a campaign work? Here we take a look at the context, people, strategies and tactics of mobilisation campaigns.

Turning one big moment into a lasting campaign

How Compassion & Choices is sharing Brittany Maynard's story
Brittany Maynard

Every organization hopes that one day their online campaign will be the one to go viral. How does a digital team take an advocacy message and package it so that it does? And after the digital tsunami hits, can success be a hindrance for your campaign? Bill Gordon, the digital director for Compassion & Choices, […]

Climate activists call for justice in Ferguson

The power - and complexity - of cross-movement organizing crystallizes in St. Louis
Ferguson climate banner

Thousands of people converged on St. Louis for Ferguson October, four days of marches, rallies, sit-ins and prayer meetings protesting the fatal shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown by a Ferguson police officer. The events drew support from multiple movements, with representatives of Occupy, labor unions, gay rights groups and Palestine in attendance. A climate […]

5 Lessons for Success from Real-World #BrandJam Campaigns

Photo © Greenpeace/Ann Johansson

Lessons from the field: interviews with campaign team leaders from Greenpeace and UltraViolet.

Breakthrough’s Board the Bus campaign reaches millions across India

Focus on immediate impact and empowering a network helps fast-paced campaign
Board the Bus

With less than 90 days to move from idea to launch, Breakthrough’s Board the Bus campaign was planned swiftly and dynamically by a growing team of staff, partners and volunteers. Given the time frame, Breakthrough made what indeed turned out to be a wise strategic decision to focus on immediate results and impact rather than risk getting […]

Digital storytelling lessons from the campaign to free the Arctic 30

12 key characteristics of effective online storytelling
One of the Arctic 30, Activist Sini Saarela sends a message from her bail hearing. Dmitri Sharomov/Greenpeace/AFP/Getty Images

The human desire to connect with stories has not changed at all, but technology has. We don’t need to wait for the media anymore — we can reach more people online. The power has shifted. Nic Seton of Greenpeace UK facilitated a session at the Digital Mobilisation Skillshare to share learning from the online campaign […]

Committed campaigner flips a company to FSC certified patio furniture

Forest Stewardship Council

A session at the 2014 Digital Mobilisation Skillshare explored ways that organisations are promoting and supporting grassroots-led campaigning to achieve bigger results. Brian Fitzgerald of Greenpeace International talked about one supporter’s actions against the use of unsustainable hardwood. Online support from Greenpeace staff and volunteers was all a committed supporter needed to take up an issue with a company and […]

Community-led flotilla stops oil exploration

Disrupting Oil Survey in New Zealand

A session at the 2014 Digital Mobilisation Skillshare explored ways that organisations are promoting and supporting grassroots-led campaigning to achieve bigger results. Nick Young of Greenpeace New Zealand talked about the “Stop deep sea drilling flotilla.” New Zealand’s first “deep sea drilling flotilla” created new partnerships and allowed Greenpeace New Zealand to build a broader coalition of action on […]

Trained volunteers create a successful anti-nuclear campaign

Menschenstrom Logo

A session at the 2014 Digital Mobilisation Skillshare explored ways that organisations are promoting and supporting grassroots-led campaigning to achieve bigger results. Theo Gubler of Greenpeace Switzerland talked about the Swiss anti-nuclear campaign, the “People Power Surge against Nuclear.” Greenpeace-trained volunteers set up their own, independent campaign, the “People Power Surge against Nuclear” (Menschenstrom gegen Atom) against new nuclear plants, […]

#IFoundTheLetter campaign’s big ask puts fun into human rights activism

Ai Weiwei tweets about #IFoundTheLetter

This (very abbreviated) summary of human rights stories may sound familiar. Change a few details and it could describe many environmental or social justice issues: An activist far away is arrested during a peaceful protest. They’re taken to a nameless prison — their basic rights to due process ignored. An NGO alerts newspapers, sends email […]