So, what are we doing at MobLab every day… and how can that help you?

We serve a global network of leaders, campaigners, and practitioners at Greenpeace and among our allies to accelerate their transition to a new era of people-powered campaigning that allows us to wage bigger, more successful fights for the planet and its people.

Please get in touch if we can support you with any of the following:

  • Mobilisation Strategy and Design :: creative and collaborative workshops with multidisciplinary teams
  • Assessments and Review :: evaluating past performance to inform future mobilisation efforts
  • Data Analysis and Research :: building a culture of data-driven campaigning, designing tests with campaigns and offices, and setting up controlled experiments to optimize and improve performance
  • Training and Peer Learning :: skill-building, knowledge sharing, and network building
  • Storytelling and Knowledge Transfer :: sharing innovations, lessons learned, fail stories, and emerging best practices
  • Staffing Support :: advising on staffing structures, integration efforts, and hands-on support with talent recruitment and hiring
  • Innovation Incubation :: piloting new ways of working, from practices to technologies
  • Systems Change :: advising global organisation, campaign teams, and NROs on new ways of working