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The Digital Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace is powered by a growing global network of staff and volunteers at Greenpeace and among our allies dedicated to people-powered campaigning. The following staff and partners support this community (the MobSquad), through a range of programs and activities.

Michael Silberman

Michael SilbermanMichael Silberman is the Global Director of the Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace. The “MobLab” exists to transform how campaigns are fought and won, pioneering a powerful new era of people-powered strategies that amplify campaign impact and create positive change. Silberman and his team work with Greenpeace and its allies in 55 countries to envision, test, and roll out creative new means of communicating, organizing, and fundraising online.

A senior digital campaigns strategist, Silberman is recognized as one of the U.S.’s 50 most influential leaders by The NonProfit Times and one of LinkedIn’s “Top Professionals 35 and Under” transforming the social impact sector. He is a frequent speaker on the effective use of participatory strategies and technologies to scale campaigns and social impact.

Silberman got his start as the National Meetup Director for Governor Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential bid, where he developed one of the first successful online organizing programs in American politics and lead a team that regularly mobilized nearly 200,000 volunteers in over 1,200 cities worldwide.

Silberman subsequently co-founded EchoDitto (now Echo & Co.), a digital agency that empowers organizations to have a greater impact through the creative use of new technologies. Silberman led a team that designed and built award-winning platforms and campaigns for clients to enable individuals to make the world a better place. Clients included the UN World Food Program (WFP), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), and Seventh Generation.

Silberman chaired the Web of Change social impact and technology leadership conference for four years and serves on the boards of several nonprofits.

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Tracy Frauzel

Tracy Frauzel, Greenpeace Digital Mobilisation LabTracy Frauzel is the Mobilisation Strategy Director for the Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace and works to build capacity, skills and expertise in people-powered campaigning with Greenpeace staff globally.

Frauzel comes to this role after leading a high performing team of digital strategists who delivered successful people-powered campaigns against Nestle, VW, Unilever, HSBC, the UK tuna industry and the third runway at Heathrow.

With 14 years experience working for Greenpeace globally, Frauzel has a deep and varied understanding of campaigning and using technology for social change. She led teams that pioneered Greenpeace’s online communications from its ships,the Amazon and from non-violent direct actions. She worked with communities fighting for solutions in the Amazon and the Saunderbans. She led the creation of Greenpeace’s most active online supporter community based in the UK.

By no means institutionalised, Frauzel is always challenging her colleagues to leave their comfort zone, take risks and embrace technologies that are connecting the world and have the potential to make Greenpeace’s mission fort a green and peaceful planet a reality.

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Ben Simon

Ben SimonBen Simon is a Senior Campaigner with the Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace, as well as the Greenpeace Response Lab. Simon joins Greenpeace to help develop the global organization’s capacity for strategic response campaigning. He is an experienced campaign strategist, specializing in metrics-driven online-to-offline mobilisation and online advocacy and fundraising.

Simon was director of new media campaigns for Organizing for America and the Democratic National Committee, where he played key roles in the fight for health care reform and the 2010 midterm elections, helping to generate millions of online and offline actions and donations. He also helped to launch President Obama’s re-election campaign (and actually hit send on the email that publicly launched the campaign).

Most recently, he built a grassroots fundraising program for Mozilla, organizing around protecting the open Web and helping to build a generation of web makers, as opposed to passive consumers. While there, he grew the email list by a factor of 23, and nearly quadrupled Mozilla’s small-dollar contributions.

Simon has organized and run online campaigns for a range of other progressive, non-profit organizations, including Oxfam America, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Pre-K Now, Making Change at Walmart, and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

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Emily Hunter

Emily Hunter is the Learning and Outreach Specialist with the Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace. For over ten years, Emily has worked on local and global environmental campaigns, while documenting the stories of new waves of activism in the Digital Age. Born into the environmental movement, her parents were early activists with Greenpeace in the 1970’s. As a second-generation environmentalist, Emily has campaigned in the Antarctic to save whales, helped to put a spotlight on palm oil plantations in Borneo and joined in a Global Days of Action, coordinating “work party” events on climate change in every province and territory across Canada.

Throughout her work, digital and traditional media have been her tools for change. Emily has directed and produced four TV-documentaries for MTV Canada, making issues like the Tar Sands  engaging to a Gen Y audience. In 2011,  she published her first book called The Next Eco-Warriors, a collection of short stories by a new generation of environmental leaders; the book was later used as part of school curriculum in universities and colleges across North America.

As people-powered movements changed the landscape of activism, she developed powerful digital media campaigns for numerous non-profits and start-ups like the Toronto Tool Library, that helped make them a leading group in the city’s Sharing Economy.

Currently, she is hosting and facilitating open learning sessions on mobilisation tools and trends, including MobLab Live and Peer Sessions, on a monthly basis.

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The Mobilisation Lab is proud to engage a network of organizations and individuals in supporting its work, including current and former partners listed below.

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