2013 Year in Review

Five big ways Greenpeace is looking different (and smarter) right now

Hello, Greenpeace leaders – Here’s your executive rundown of what we’ve been up to over the past year — our second year in business.

We’re particularly grateful to those of you who welcomed us into your offices and teams and made this work possible. You invited us to take risks with you, were open to challenging the status quo, and invested time in breaking new ground. Thank you. This is how we win bigger.

 Michael, for the MobLab team (Ben, Joclarisse, Tracy, and Wendee)

PS. Details people: You can read the longer version here in 52 bullets.

Arctic30 action originating from staff idea shared on Global Think Tank

Innovation for the Arctic 30

MobLab’s Global Think Tank enabled 125+ staff to work across borders, silos, and hierarchies in generating 92 creative, actionable ideas to help free the Arctic 30. Read more about this co-creation experiment and how it enabled rapid, distributed idea generation to support a campaign when it was needed most.

In addition to providing ongoing direct support to GP Russia’s mobilisation team, we were glad to introduce new social media analysis reporting to the Arctic 30 response by applying best practices from Big Listening. We also tested a range of new messages and online actions for the campaign via third party online audiences.

Planning and collaboration

Building Strong Campaigns and Teams

MobLab facilitated cross-unit mobilisation strategy workshops for the global forests campaign, resulting in innovative projects like a mobile-powered volunteer research program. We provided similar in-person campaign planning or evaluation support to GP India (Coal / Junglistan), GP US (Climate), and GP Greece (Retrofit Greece).

We also had the opportunity to support planning, design, and/or review processes for EU Powershift, GP Brasil’s global Amazon work, 2014 Coal & Solutions Planning, 2014 Oceans Reserves, and 2014 Polar Sanctuary.

Mobilisation efforts are only as strong as the teams and offices implementing them. We worked closely with the staff and leadership of several national and regional offices – GP Russia and GP Southeast Asia, in particular – to develop and accelerate their integrated mobilisation efforts through in-depth assessments, coaching, and 3-year planning.

Gourdouros, Crete, Greece. Photo by Steve Morgan, Greenpeace.

Campaigning with People: Big Listening, Micro Campaigning

MobLab helped colleagues in GP Greece optimize their solar retrofit campaign launch by applying online conversation analysis and social listening. We similarly implemented regular micro-campaigning and social listening programs with GP Brasil and GP India, and we trained emerging teams at GP US and Greenpeace International in these new practices, in coordination with Upwell and the Response Lab.

Learn more about Big Listening and micro-campaigns in our new Guide for Creating Shareable, Purpose-Driven Social Media Content.

New tools, new tactics

New Tools, New Tactics

In addition to helping a majority of Greenpeace offices implement fundamental online tracking and analysis via Google Analytics, MobLab coached a number of teams through the process of running controlled email tests and optimizing online conversion via A/B testing tools like Optimize.ly.

A social media pilot with GP Greece and Attentively to identify influencers via email match generated a 70% increase in open rates and 6 times the normal click rates for the campaign (see case study).

We also kicked the tires on a variety of new, high-potential online mobilisation tools like ShareProgress (for optimising social sharing), CrowdTangle (monitoring/optimizing social content), and ActionSprout (social action). Join the Crash Test Dummies Group to participate in the next round of pilots.

Digital Mobilisation Skillshare 2013

New Skills

We kicked off the year with 130+ members of Greenpeace’s global mobilisation community — and some generous external guests — at the Digital Mobilisation Skillshare. The goal was to share learnings and expertise, develop campaign plans, and help inform the new operating model — and 82% of participants reported that the event “exceeded” or “far exceeded” their expectations. And we can’t wait to do it all over again next month.

MobLab continued to support the growth and professional development of Greenpeace’s mobilisation practitioners through 58 hours of trainings and peer-learnings sessions. Over 175 staff took advantage of these programs to build expertise on everything from the fundamentals (Email Academy, Google Analytics) to new tactics (Big Listening Bootcamp). See all trainings »

New Stuff for You

We’ll leave you with a recap of the guides, toolkits, and resources we put together throughout the year: