2012 Progress: Goals vs Actuals

In the interest of transparency, and to encourage collaboration, we are listing our objectives for the year below and our progress toward meeting them. These are the same objectives and progress updates that we deliver to the global organisation.

Our 2012 goals are listed after each number, below. We will append progress updates to each goal at the end of each quarter.


Develop and implement community-driven program for funding, supporting, and learning from pilot tests and experiments that further our understanding of what works in mobilisation and supporter engagement.

Q1 progress:

  • Hiring process for Analyst nearing completion; estimated hire date = May 2012 (originally forecasted for Mar/Apr but other milestones took priority)
  • Partnership established and underway to share test ideas/results with selected partner organisations.
Q2 progress:
  • Re-initiated analyst search to expand candidate pool
  • Assessed models for a Testing and Innovation Fund (est launch date = Sept 2012)
Q3 progress:
  • Hired Analyst, Wendee Parker (bio)
  • Launched supporter consultation pilot program for 2013 global programme planning cycle
  • Completed Twitter paid media pilot for Save the Arctic campaign
Q4 progress:
  • Launched project with Greenpeace Africa and Every1Mobile to pilot a mobile micro action campaign for 2013

Implement training programs that build staff capacity for under-represented mobilisation skills (e.g. data analysis, email testing).

Q1 progress:

  • Hired Training Director and Senior Strategist: Tracy Frauzel, former GPUK digital lead and international superstar (see bio)
  • Needs assessment underway and on schedule; variety of trainings planned for Q2 in partnership with Fundraising and outside partners such as New Organizing Institute
  • New online knowledge-exchange venues in place via GreenNet; MobLab staff facilitating ongoing collaborative development of “Mobilisation” sections
  • Participants of Digital Mobilisation Skills Share (see below) organised nearly 75 training and skill-sharing sessions for peers and colleagues
Q2 progress:
  • Launched intensive email trainings covering every region (25 offices) and already generating improved email response rates
  • Provided one:one coaching on email writing and feedback on scheduled supporter emails
  • Created DIY email writing training resources including best practice checklist available on GreenNet (intranet) for all staff
  • Designed and launched curriculum in organising and mobilisation leadership in partnership with New Organizing Institute (NOI)
  • Recruited and trained 15 emerging mobilisation leaders (globally distributed) in fundamentals of coaching and mobilisation leadership (see Training for Trainers curriculum)
Q3 progress:
  • Completed Training for Trainers for 14 global staff including additional skill sessions for online meeting facilitation and coaching
  • Completed first module of Mobilisation Leadership remote learning curriculum for 80 global staff with NOI: Campaigning, Organizing, and Mobilisation Strategy
  • Launched second module of Mobilisation Leadership remote learning curriculum for 85 global staff with NOI: Storytelling as a Leadership and Organizing Tool
  • 50 staff completed Culture of Analytics and Testing class
Q4 progress:
  • Completed intensive training courses in “Storytelling as a Leadership and Organising Tool” and “Online to Offline Organising” with a total of 148 participants
  • Launched intensive Google Analytics training and coaching sessions for 60 participants, enabling digital staff to improve web conversion and optimization
  • Organised day long training in digital mobilisation innovation and leadership for executive directors at EDM (see video)

Develop and implement program for supporting individual NROs and campaigns with strategy, coaching, and evaluation.

Q1 progress:

  • Developed specific plans for more rigorous and consistent NRO support for rest of year, with hire of Training Director; more to follow.
  • Continued ad hoc advising with individuals as needed

Q2 progress:

  • Contributed to retreats and delivered trainings in GP Southeast Asia, GP East Asia, GP Japan
  • Consulted EDs and other staff on mobilisation models and strategies for their NROs
Q3 progress:
  • Delivered mobilisation presentations and workshops for Forests Network, Climate and Energy campaign, and SAGE campaign
  • Contributed to core team Consumption Strategy development, including supporter research and input
  • Contributed to design and development of ongoing FB partnership for Climate & Energy
  • Advised mobilisation director hiring process in GP Brasil
Q4 progress:
  • Facilitated 3 day mobilisation strategy workshops for Greenpeace Russia and mobilisation innovations discussion with all staff
  • Facilitated 2 day mobilisation strategy and integration workshop for entire Greenpeace Greece staff
  • Met with Greenpeace Nordic digital and fundraising staff to surface learnings and support needs
  • Coaching Greenpeace Luxembourg on mobilisation strategy workshop
  • Supported and coached Swiss Learning Centre in online training designing and learning platform

Support growth and development of cross-departmental, global mobilisation Community of Practice.

Q1 progress:

  • Completed first Global Mobilisation Survey at Greenpeace to identify current learning patterns, desires, and needs. Download results or watch summary in under 15 mins.
  • Organised first global Digital Mobilisation Skills Share to accelerate network building and learning exchange (see below).
  • Facilitated community re-launch of MobSquad email network for staff across departments to collaborate on citizen engagement strategies, learnings, failures, etc.
Q2 progress:
  • Developing network of leaders facilitating local / regional discussion on mobilisation (Training for Trainers and Mobilisation Innovations presentations)
  • Developed knowledge-sharing resources on GreenNet intranet
  • Piloted successful 24 hr virtual community brainstorm for Rio+20 Amazon
Q3 progress:
  • Convened “spark summit” for NGO leaders to explore challenges and trends in online-to-offline mobilisation
  • Assisted integration of MobSquad community with campaign planning meetings
  • Mobilisation Leadership curriculum enabling inter-office collaboration and relationship building
Q4 progress:
  • Launched “Data Ninjas” facilitated peer group to provide safe learning environment for digital analysts
  • Engaged mobilisation community in review of key challenges for 2012 and needs for 2013 via conference calls and surveys to inform MobLab 2013 goalsetting.

Design and implement communication channels and storytelling practices that surface and share innovations in mobilisation across Greenpeace and its allies.

Q1 progress:

  • Mobilisation Innovations presentation highlighting results of global listening process completed; currently being shared with mobilisation community for local presentation
  • Published first Mobilisation Case Study profiling “How Big is Yours?” — Greenpeace Med’s successful campaign to engage over 665,000 citizens in protecting fisheries
  • Published campaign innovation stories and learnings on MobilisationLab.org multiple times per week
  • Launched online newsletter highlighting global mobilisation innovations and learnings from inside and outside of Greenpeace; nearly 500 subscribers from Greenpeace and among global peers (ActionAid,350.org, Oxfam, Rainforest Action Network, Save the Children, the Red Cross, and others)
Q2 progress:
  • Completed “Innovations in Mobilisation” project, documenting best mobilisation practices and emerging strategies within Greenpeace and among allies. Leaders across Greenpeace have customized and delivered 16 presentations to NROs, the EDM, and Actions Skills Share — with 7 more planned. (Download presentation)
Q3 progress:
  • Continued to develop and expand MobLab storytelling; grew email dispatch distribution to 750 subscribers
Q4 progress:
  • Increased knowledge-sharing via MobilisationLab.org — posting new stories three times/week and growing email dispatch network to nearly 1,000 recipients.
  • Failed to complete campaign case studies due to failed partnership with writer.

Convene global skills share for emerging and existing leaders in mobilisation.

Q1 progress:

  • Success! See recaps here on MobilisationLab.org and session summaries on event site
  • Two thirds of participants said event “exceeded” or “far exceeded” expectations — review feedback highlights here (requires GreenNet login)
Q2 progress:
  • Began converting lessons and resources from DMS12 into usable ongoing knowledge sharing formats
  • Supported development of ongoing working teams; established new ties with Actions community
Q3 progress:
  • Launched planning for 2013 event
Q4 progress:
  • Launched distributed organizing team and registration for DMS13

Q1 progress:

  • Contributed to development and writing of Mobilisation Strategy via Mobilisation Strategy Working Group
  • Spoke at key industry events (E-Campaigns Forum; Nonprofit Technology Conference) to introduce MobLab to peers and colleagues, received positive coverage in Chronicle of Philanthropy and Open Society Foundations

Q2 progress:

  • Continued to provide intensive strategic support to development and ultimate adoption of Mobilisation Strategy approved at May Executive Directors Meeting (EDM)
  • Hosted first “Spark Summit” bringing together mobilisation leaders from 20 NGOs to discuss online-to-offline mobilisation (see recap)
  • Participated in technology innovation conference hosted by The Guardian, Africa technology innovation conference, and Technology Will Save Us, Do Lectures, Promise agency Co-Creation Lab, Nonprofit Technology Conference, O’Reilly Where Conference

Q3 progress:

  • Hosted first “Spark Summit” bringing together mobilisation leaders from 20 NGOs to discuss online-to-offline mobilisation
  • Convened annual Web of Change conference, bringing together leaders from across technology and social change sectors, including strong Greenpeace representation
  • Developed Mobilisation KPIs with working group; Contributed to People Strategy (Operating Model) core team; Designed workshops for campaign meetings

Q4 progress:

  • Presented mobilisation workshop to Programme Meeting; contributed to Programme Meeting and Communications Directors planning summit
  • Presented at Harvard, MIT Media Lab (summary), and Transparency and Accountability Initiative (event page); Attended Internet Week Europe Events, Guardian Mobile Technology Summit, and invitation-only Gates Foundation Digital Strategy Summit