How to run a campaign Hackathon

Real talk about building lasting relationships with the developer community

Can you track vessels in open sea when they switch off their tracking system? What do they do when they don’t want to be found? How can people actively take part in our actions from their computer?

no supertrawlers

Oceans of Data Hackathon participants did not have to wear fish costumes but they did create tools to fight overfishing.

That’s the opening of an invitation to designers, developers and other technologists asking them to participate in the Oceans of Data hackathon organised by Greenpeace Netherlands in last November.

The Greenpeace Netherlands team is looking at ways to solve two critical technical challenges that it doesn’t have the ability to solve itself. One is tracking supertrawlers on the high seas and the other is finding ways to better engage networks of people in direct actions.

The Hackathon would help address these needs and also start building long-term relationships with new communities (namely developers and designers). The Hackathon team planned to open up their advocacy strategies to developers and give hackers meaningful problem solving roles.

After the Hackathon, Marleen van der Zanden, Digital Activism Intern at Greenpeace Netherlands and a lead organiser of the event, sat for an interview with the Mobilisation Lab’s Emily Hunter and spoke about goals, how the hackathon promoted transparency, and results of the event.

Watch the interview with Marleen van der Zanden below.

Tracking Trawlers, Giving Activists Access, Creating New Opportunities

Oceans hackathon participants were given two technical challenges. The first was to develop ways to identify and track trawler ships on the high seas, specifically those ships that don’t use or turn off their AIS tracking system.

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