New global online network is powering grassroots-led campaigns

Greenpeace Greenwire is connecting a growing activist community

Greenpeace Greenwire, a community platform and social network is – slowly and subtly, but surely – changing the way Greenpeace activism works around the globe. Countries with live Greenwire hubs include the United States, India, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Another 14 hubs are on schedule to go live by mid-2015 – Indonesia, Thailand, Brasil, and Canada among them – with more to follow.

Greenwire Russia

Still of Greenwire Russia from “Детский сбор – раздельный!,” a mini documentary by Greenpeace about Greenwire’s use in the Russian children’s recycling program Kids4Forests.

The social media platform was developed by the Dutch office in 2011 but quickly expanded during 2013 and 2014 after being recognised as a successful model by Greenpeace International. Registered users can organise themselves into groups, sign up for events, blog, share photographs, develop ideas and read news stories.

The platform is still evolving as Greenpeace National/Regional Offices take feedback from users and identify areas for development. These ideas are sent to a global project team responsible for Greenwire development. Although most national hubs on Greenwire were rolled out just a little over six months ago, they already boast more than 8,500 users, with an average of 28 users joining daily.

So far, Greenwire has delivered on its promise to make activism with Greenpeace more grassroots. Greenpeace Greenwire allows volunteers to more easily sign up with Greenpeace, facilitates data collection, provides a Greenpeace presence in cities that don’t have Greenpeace staff, and frees up time for hired employees to focus on community-building instead of administration. It has also helped campaign staff and street fundraising teams better connect to the grassroots.

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