What’s new in mobilisation technology?

An inside look at the latest digital activism apps and tools

Tool tracking

Share your experience with modern campaign tools in the comments below. Above: carpentry tools recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose. Photo courtesy the Mary Rose Trust [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Back in 2014, we provided first-hand feedback on several new mobilisation technology and campaigning tools deployed across the global Greenpeace community.

We’re continually talking to and working with campaigners around the globe and want a place to keep tabs on  – and share – what we’re seeing and learning about the latest mobilisation technology tools and apps.

Can you help with feedback and updates in the comments below or on Twitter (tag it #MobTech)? Tell us what you’re using, what your experience has been like and what looks interesting.

Every item includes [on radar] or [in use] as a way to indicate if we or colleagues have direct experience with the tool.


UpToGood logo - mobilisation technologyWhat it is: A video and storytelling platform where anyone can create an impact campaign around an inspiring video of any length to crowdfund, start a petition, make a behavioural pledge, or share.

Why it’s interesting: Could be a new way for people to integrate storytelling into their campaigning and spur people to action. [on radar]


Viewly logo - mobilisation technologyWhat it is: A “Kickstarter” for good causes.

Why it’s interesting: Cause-focused crowdfunding is increasing; great if it can be done on a mission-aligned platform. [on radar]

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Campaign Accelerator: a design thinking approach to campaign planning

What we learned from six months of pilots and testing

We’ve seen a growing recognition across global Greenpeace and allied organisations that campaigners need a more efficient and inclusive process for campaign planning and design – one that focuses on helping people build power, supports innovation and … [Read more]

Bring on the people: Opening up non-violent direct action

A look inside Greenpeace New Zealand's open NVDA
Greenpeace New Zealand open NVDA

In March 2016, Greenpeace New Zealand (GPNZ) called on members of the public to blockade the annual New Zealand Petroleum Conference in Auckland. The action marked one of the first times a Greenpeace office invited the general public to … [Read more]

What do campaigners need to stay sharp, scale impact?

Results of MobLab's global listening survey

Since late-2011, MobLab has trained, studied, shared and convened alongside thousands of global Greenpeace campaigners and allies. This year we worked with Dragonfly Partners to analyse our role in the community and better understand what … [Read more]

How grassroots campaigners and a digital startup joined forces against Unilever

When old and new campaigning work together and win
Solidarity with Kodaikanal in Durban, South Africa

A mercury thermometer factory in Kodaikanal, a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, left behind a toxic legacy of pollution and health problems. The factory, known to have lax environmental and health standards, closed in 2001. Local leaders, … [Read more]

5 ways campaigning organisations are getting real about people power

How experimentation, collective identity, and layer cakes are boosting member engagement
United We Dream - Dreamers press conference DC

What does people power really look like in the day to day work of building and running campaigns? I had the privilege of exploring how several winning campaigners are engaging people and building power last month at Blueprint for a Great Democracy, … [Read more]

Building campaigns when the world turns upside down

How Greenpeace shifted to help those hardest hit by climate disaster
Building campaigns to empower

As climate change creates stronger, potentially more frequent storms, building campaigns that respond to disasters and empower victims is crucial to meeting both climate and justice goals. The Philippines, a country vulnerable to natural disasters … [Read more]

An open (and open source) campaign takes on Facebook

How a handful of people grew to millions fighting for Net Neutrality in India
Campaign to protect net neutrality in India

Across India, concerns about net neutrality and the future of the Internet arose even before Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, began an intense marketing campaign in 2015 in support the company's Free Basics program. A self-organized … [Read more]

How can we help you change the world?

MobLab survey needs your answers and ideas
Take the MobLab Survey

What are the biggest challenges you face in your work today? The Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace is conducting a worldwide listening project to find out how campaigners like you are working today and what you need to work better. We need you to help … [Read more]