Beautiful Rising’s new toolbox for change

Campaign insights from the Global South in new multi-platform organising guide

Activists and communities in the Global South are on the front lines of campaigns impacting all of us. People from Indonesia to Venezuela and from the Marshall Islands to Congo are fighting for justice, resisting systems of repression and extraction, and building sustainable economies and politics that support self determination.

Beautiful Rising chatbot

Users can access Beautiful Rising through a chatbot accessible through Telegram, Skype, or Facebook messenger. Photo via Beautiful Rising.

The global campaigning community (if the loose network of campaigners that includes MobLab can be understood as a community) often overlooks the stories of these campaigns. In doing so, we’re missing out on lessons that may make us more effective campaigners. We’re seeing our goals but missing the context needed to build winning campaigns and long-lasting movements.

Beautiful Rising intends to break this spell. From 2014 to 2016, Beautiful Rising convened frontline activists and movements in Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mexico, and the Middle East. Participants shared case studies, documented what’s worked and shared latest innovations in creative activism.

The result is the Beautiful Rising toolbox: a multi-platform creative organizing guide that bridges the ‘digital divide’ we see separating organizers by age, income and geography.

Beautiful Rising live strategy game

Beautiful Rising includes a live strategy game that lets you apply action design and campaign planning to your own scenarios. Photo via Beautiful Rising.

The Beautiful Rising website is just the start. Users can access the project through a chatbot accessible through Telegram, Skype, or Facebook messenger. It also exists as a live strategy game that allows participants to apply principles of effective action design and campaign planning to their own scenarios; and as a customizable pdf that organizers can compile, print and circulate locally via our Creative Commons license. Published in English, Spanish and Arabic (soon to come), it provides an integrated, highly accessible, and evolving suite of resources for activists all over the world to learn from one another, share successes, and strategize.

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