Spark innovation with data

How measurement and tracking fosters creativity at Greenpeace Nordic

Tracking and data might sound like dry topics to some, but introducing and improving tracking and measurement across digital activities have been important drivers for experimentation in Greenpeace Nordic’s digital team.

Michael Parker, Digital Intelligence Officer at Greenpeace Nordic, says that changing their use of data “…enabled people to be more creative and conceptual. Tracking meant it was worth giving things a go as they would find out what worked.”

Greenpeace Nordic has an ambitious goal: reach two million subscribers (across email and social media) by 2015. Investing in methods to see where new campaigners and donors were coming from combined with e-commerce tracking to follow those users through to see what they did next has not only allowed the team to focus their resources and improve performance, but has also encouraged more creative approaches.

The 2 million goal remains ambitious, but experimenting and developing an understanding of what works is delivering benefits. The email list, for example, doubled in size in 2013.
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