10 Ways People Power Can Change the World

What do we mean by people power?

Boycotts are just one way people can put economic pressure on a company or brand.

People Power can take many forms depending on what kind of change you’re looking to achieve and who has the power to make that change happen — whether it’s a government, company, community or individual.

So we’ve come up with this list. We’re hoping that it will help you define your strategy and generate ideas for tactics to harness this powerful force for good.

Here we go, in no particular order:


The voices of many can now match the marketing budgets of even the biggest brands, making consumer pressure an effective way to influence companies to change their ways.

Companies, and the brands they own, are more and more responsive to people power in the digital age. Studies show that people prefer brands they know and trust. As a result, brands are sensitive to public pressure and will go to great lengths to protect their reputation.

A brand includes the entire experience a person has with a product or service—including the name, visuals, feel, communication style, taste and sound. For example, Coca-Cola’s brand is not just the word Coke, but also the design of the bottle, the special recipe, the sound of the bottle opening, the history and the advertising around it. Any of those brand elements are subject to pressure.

Consumer Pressure in Action

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