CampaignCon 2016 is underway

A global activism and technology skillshare

Over 120 campaigners from 45 countries around the globe have gathered in Catalonia for a sector-wide skills-share on next generation campaigning. We’re talking about mobilisation in a world of shrinking civic space, digital security, how to scale campaigns and launch movements, and talking about new campaigns and mobilisation technologies.

Post-it notes at CampaignConThere are, of course, many post-it notes representing ideas, learning, innovation and questions.

Follow along at #CampaignCon on Twitter and at the CampaignCon page here.

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Mapping an end to fires in Indonesia with Kepo Hutan

New map tools help communities, companies and governments
Kepo Hutan map

Unofficial and unreliable land ownership maps make it hard to hold a person, company or government entity responsible for environmental abuse. In 2015, fires across Indonesia created what some called the worst single man-made climate event in human … [Read more]

MobLab Dispatch: Big Asks. Big Results.

Campaigning with Virtual Reality + FutureShifting + Crowdsourcing constitutions + Decentralising the Web
Mobilisation Lab Dispatch

Read past Dispatches and subscribe Rasmus Törnqvist of Greenpeace Nordic tells Ben Valentine in a story for MobLab that Virtual Reality "provides a unique opportunity to take millions of people to the arctic." Valentine spoke with … [Read more]

Do better + win bigger by taking on marginalisation

A changemaker's guide to cultures that work for all

Culture, gender, race and other differences can contribute to marginalisation of campaign team staff. This impacts the ability of people to build trust, work together and implement winning strategies. Marginalisation isn't just bad for people and … [Read more]

Virtual reality gets real in latest campaigns

Learning from the frontlines of VR at Greenpeace and beyond
Virtual Reality campaigning at Greenpeace and beyond

Since the first mission to remote Amchitka, Alaska, in 1971, Greenpeace has heightened awareness by pushing the boundaries of reporting. Storytelling – and bringing people into the conversation about what's at stake – is always evolving … [Read more]

MobLab Dispatch: Beautiful Campaigns

CampaignCon last call + Occupy plus 5 + People-powered tech strategies
Mobilisation Lab Dispatch

Read past Dispatches and subscribe Beautiful Rising’s new online campaign toolbox surfaces deep experience, insights, and innovative technology. Campaigners from the Global South contributed to the this multi-platform organising guide. Writing … [Read more]

Beautiful Rising’s new toolbox for change

Campaign insights from the Global South in new multi-platform organising guide
Beautiful Rising

Activists and communities in the Global South are on the front lines of campaigns impacting all of us. People from Indonesia to Venezuela and from the Marshall Islands to Congo are fighting for justice, resisting systems of repression and extraction, … [Read more]

MobLab Dispatch: Creativity and Campaign Tech

Join us at CampaignCon + Unions open up for wages and climate + People power, Canadian style
Mobilisation Lab Dispatch

Read past Dispatches and subscribe What smart approaches to tech innovation are helping NGOs use mobile devices, apps and SMS to create people power? In conversations with a wide-ranging set of creative campaigners and developers, Nithin Coca … [Read more]

Fight for $15: Directed-network campaigning in action

A well coordinated campaign is opening up grassroots power and crossing movement boundaries
Fight for $15: Directed-network campaigning in action

American unions have been losing members and influence for over 30 years so it’s notable when a labor campaign changes wage policies across the U.S. and forces corporate giants such as Walmart and McDonald's to bend to its demands. Using … [Read more]