MobLab Dispatch: Checking In

Go Bots + A People's Twitter + What's Text?

Over 120 campaigners from 43 countries met outside Barcelona in late-October at CampaignCon to build the skills, leadership and networks needed to win in a world of increasing political challenges and technological complexity.

MobLab collaborated with nine other global campaign organisations to co-convene CampaignCon. Check out our latest recap to get an inside look into the conversations happening about threats to campaigning and campaigners, using new technology to engage millions more people, getting new resources to local campaigns, sustaining powerful knowledge sharing networks and more innovations from the front lines of change making in Africa, Asia, Latin America and beyond.


Do results of last week’s U.S. presidential election count as a people-powered win for Donald Trump? A call to action for people power in progressive campaigns? Both? Something else? Between bleary-eyed Facebook feeds and long talks with colleagues about how we got here and where to go next we pulled a few articles that caught our eye:

Cory Doctorow explains the threatening state of global surveillance now that Donald Trump and his team will oversee one of the world’s largest surveillance programs. He ends with a call to action: “If we are to win the fights for human rights and human dignity, we must have a free, fair and open internet to fight with. It starts now.”

Some post-election analysts suggest that Hillary Clinton’s loss means data isn’t as important to campaigns as we thought. But perhaps it’s about looking at the right data the right way. Joshua Green and Sasha Issenberg write about what the Trump data team saw early on.

¡Nunca Mas! People Powered Strategy in the Time of Trump, Doyle Canning of the Center for Story-Based Strategy writes that people-powered movements are critical to the world’s response. She describes how to connect movements and networks with: 1. Shared values 2. Symbols, and 3. Coordinated acts of daily resistance.


Social media is a key communications and network building channel for indigenous groups and supporters protesting construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. But many stories are focusing on social media engagement as slacktivism instead of network building.

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