What do campaigners need to stay sharp, scale impact?

Results of MobLab's global listening survey

Since late-2011, MobLab has trained, studied, shared and convened alongside thousands of global Greenpeace campaigners and allies.

This year we worked with Dragonfly Partners to analyse our role in the community and better understand what campaigners need to work bigger and better for a healthier planet. We heard about new ways of communicating, stories that matter, what you need to learn, and how to scale power-building for change (read the full report).

We spoke to over 200 people—activists, volunteers, or senior leaders at local, national and international NGOs and INGOs.

What campaigners need (in their own words):

[1] Mobile and social media still present the biggest opportunities for more effective mobilisation.

Campaigners in the global South and East (GSE) work mostly in resource poor contexts with low connectivity. Activists see mobile as an effective and inexpensive way to scale their campaigning and mobilisation efforts. Supporting mobilisation in the GSE means supporting mobile. From Bangladesh to South Africa, campaigners want to know what mobile strategies and technologies are working.

MobLab can play an even greater role surfacing existing insights and spurring collaboration on new tactics or solutions.

Mobile phones and smartphone activism in global south and east

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